Talisker 9 Year Old 2010 – Old Malt Cask


The Talisker distillery can be found on the Isle of Skye and was founded in 1830 by Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill, the distillery was built in 1831 at Carbost after a number of other sites had initially fallen through. 

The Distillery was then rebuilt in 1880-1887 and extended again in 190 before the distillery was destroyed in 1960 after a fire in the still house and rebuilt again..  Initially the Distillery performed a triple distillation until changing to the more conventional double distillation in 1928 and in 1972 the stills were converted to steam heated and the traditional melting floor was also demolished.

The Laing Family is well known and respected within the whisky community and we sometimes forget this family once stood side by side as a family business before splitting the company down and the two brothers going their separate ways..

The company splits and Stuart takes one of my favourite expressions with him, Old Malt cask is now under a new umbrella and although we know the quality will remain the same as stocks of whisky were shared between the brothers it was always Fred who i knew as the face of the company..

Stuart however took this favourite of mine and offered releases that confirmed my hopes, release after release of great whisky at good prices. As always, once i see the expression i want i have no hesitation in investing my money into this company and i know i wont be disappointed.

Talisker 9 Year Old 2010 (cask 17806) - Old Malt Cask (Hunter Laing)

9 Year Old 2010 cask 17806 – Old Malt Cask – Hunter Laing

Distillery.. Talisker

Region.. Islands

Age.. 9 Years

Abv.. 50%

Cask.. Sherry Butt 17806

Distilled.. December 2010

Bottled.. December 2020

Outturn.. 411 Bottles

Nose.. There is a smokey swagger to this as it wraps around stewed apples, musty warehouse aromas, dusty books and old leather armchairs that have had far too many hours of use.. Chilli infused chocolate, cold black filter coffee and salted caramel gives some sweetness.

Palate.. Just imagine for a minute if you can.. An ashtray with old cigar ash dampened down with a little sea spray, add some cold espresso coffee,dates, ripe banana, ginger biscuits and a little pepper, sounds wrong i know but this has that feeling to it.. There is also notes of apple pie with cinnamon, chocolate, dates, manuka honey which gives you that earthy note with a hint of sweetness and some liquorice root..

Finish.. Peppery with a chilli kick

Thoughts.. Talisker is a distillery i have learned to appreciate more and more over the years, working with Colin has learnt me so much about the style and how to get the most out of the whisky, how to understand the flavours and how to piece them together better..

This then allows a better appreciation and greater enjoyment of the whisky put before me..

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