Bimber Oloroso Cask Batch No. 4

We all know how popular Bimber whisky is, many of us will have waited patiently for those seconds to pass in order to compete with the many others awaiting the moment to purchase only to come away with nothing as the stock has vanished within seconds of going live..

Yes i have also been caught up in the hype for this great whisky and sadly failed to grab a bottle or two. That is life though, we cant get every bottle unfortunately but when we do manage to snag one you know you will enjoy it.

This last release of the Oloroso batch 4 was one i managed to get into the basket and through the checkout however so it seems like a good idea to finally sit down with it and dissect it.

This whisky is hotly anticipated and was released with a trio of single casks which i didn’t manage to get any but there’s always next time..

The Bimber distillery is based in London and has recently announced plans to open a distillery over that northern border into the magical land of “Scotch”. This is an interesting twist however and does have me hoping that this English counterpart will remain just as strong as it is now..

English whisky is on an upward spiral as we know with what seems a new announcement every week pointing us to another planning application being submitted. This still shows us that not only the English whisky scene is thriving but whisky in general is still seen to be a good investment.

This however will burst one day and it is interesting to look around and wonder what effect this could have on not just the English whisky scene but the “Rest of the world” scene too.

I was asked an interesting question the other day which was ” after scotch, American and Irish Whisky / Whiskey, who are the next big producers?” First thoughts obviously go to Japan and possibly Canada but we have to throw India and England into the mix. India obviously comes in there due to the vast market it offers and the fact they might not have as many distilleries as the Uk but those that are producing are outstripping us by a long way when it comes to Litres produced per year.. The world whisky scene is impressive and with each new distillery that comes online it just enhances the strength and versatility of this massive section of whisky producers. The question should be looked upon in two ways, firstly, who is producing the liquid and then maybe which country is starting to stand out?

It is hard to see how the English distilleries will compete with the other countries when we look at the figures but what we can do is compete with quality liquid, value for money and a product that is sought after… That brings me nicely back to Bimber..

Bimber Oloroso Cask Batch No. 4
Picture courtesy of Master of Malt

Batch 4 -Oloroso

Distillery.. Bimber

Region.. London – Uk

Age.. Nas

Abv.. 51.2%

Batch.. 4

Cask.. Bourbon – Oloroso Finished

Outturn.. 975 Bottles

Nose.. A delicious introduction from dark fruits like dates, raisins and plum before hints of warm apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon, vanilla custard, peanut brittle and those walnut whip filled with cream we used to get as kids.. A hint of chocolate starts to rise and only gets stronger the longer it sits. Coffee freshly brewed and a little lemon drizzle cake finish this nose off nicely

Palate.. Those dried fruits and chocolate notes explode along with old leather, liquorice and subtle hints of tobacco leaf. A little ginger heat along with that cinnamon represent the spices whilst a nice oak note manages to show itself

Finish.. Sweet and drying

Thoughts.. I just love how bimber manage to pack so much into what is essentially a young whisky, The flavours and aromas represent a much older liquid and these releases demand you give this whisky your full attention.

Bravo Bimber, yet another stunning release..

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