Glenfarclas 15 Year Old – 100 Proof TWE Exclusive

Glenfarclas has in my mind always been the distillery that set the bench mark for sherried whiskies, add to that a very competitive price tag and it is hard to look any further.. That said i have often sat with whisky friends and discussed the matter and get astonished when i hear ” i am not so sure, they do look cheap” WTF….

It seems the distilleries cant win, create something of quality and bring it out at a great price and people complain, slap a seriously overpriced tag on it, add some fancy label, maybe a fancy box and its a little more acceptable or its over priced.

Glenfarclas has always emphasised the quality of liquid rather than the fancy packaging / product pushing rubbish that can be pushed towards the consumer. It isnt that long ago that there was uproar when the distillery doubled the price of their 40yo, added a nice box and sold it still at sub premium prices for a product that was unrivaled in the market place..

It is always interesting though when talking Glenfarclas, how so many people still maintain the 15yo is the cream of the crop in the line up. The entire range from the core releases are sherry dominant and even though the price tag still remains ridiculously competitive for the age statements they carry, people still seem to look beyond them for a more fancy packaging.

The 15 compared to the others always feels a little raw, even rough, but that is where its strength lies, it is rugged, it is unfinished, it is perfect because of its imperfections. The range does comprise of some fantastic whiskies and it is easy to see the differences when going through the range beyond the 15, the 21 feels easier to drink, the flavours feel softer, less raw, then hit the 25 and 30 and you instantly find a more rounded, finished product but that’s where it looses me.

Then you take that 15 year old and give it some steroids ( cask strength or 100 proof in this case ) and offer it out and BAM, you have a superb whisky that just ramped it up a notch..

Glenfarclas 15 Year Old / 100 Proof / TWE Exclusive
Pic courtesy of TWE

Twe Exclusive – 100 proof 15 year old – Glenfarclas

Distillery.. Glenfarclas

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 15 years

Abv.. 57.1%

Cask.. Seasoned Sherry ( Oloroso )

Nose.. Dates and raisins lead into rich plum jam, blackcurrant tarte and toffee sauce. Add some coffee beans, a touch of dark chocolate and some candied orange segments and you are almost there.. Even with the sherry dominant aromas there is still room for some sweetness in the form of Vanilla fudge and Victoria sponge cake.

Palate.. Spices take control instantly with Ginger offering some heat, cinnamon dances on the tongue whilst those dark fruits entice you into wanting more… Vanilla does make a subdued appearance, coffee and chocolate become more evident as time passes along with liquorice and aniseed twist sweets.

Finish.. Peanut brittle and spices

Thoughts.. This is what i hoped it would be, it’s still raw and a little rough around the edges but that just emphasises the qualities within. This is the 15 as we want to drink it on occasions.

Please sir may i buy some more?

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