Mackmyra Stjarnrok

From deep beneath a Swedish mountain our latest expression, Stjärnrök, arises into the heavens. Stjärnrök is nurtured from our handcrafted smoky recipes, and matured into its true form in a shelter of oloroso, ex-bourbon and American oak casks, building its body, complexity and gentle sweetness. Subterranean, it developed its deep, dark red ripe notes through Spanish Oloroso and combined these with the native cloudberry of the surrounding ancient woodlands.

I always find the description very interesting these days, it is almost like the setting for some kind of thriller.. You know, someone is going to die, but who did it and why.

Mackmyra are certainly creating a legacy with the releases and the buzz is very interesting, these seasonal releases are becoming very popular and are being matched very well with the seasons.

The team are not afraid to be eccentric, try bold things and offer up exactly what they want but i am pretty sure that fits in with the Swedish way, they seem to be very happy to just be themselves and not worry too much what others think and that shows through their whisky too.

Stjarnrok – Mackmyra

Inspired by enchanting nordic skies, magic and unknown senses, the Stjärnrök Saga takes you on its captivating journey from Terra Firma to Vintergatan and back to Earth; from familiar flavours to contemporary combinations, through tradition respected. 

And so became the phenomenon that is Stjärnrök, a whisky born of intrigue, of stardust, of patience, of crystal clear nordic waters and of innovation.

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Distillery.. Mackmyra

Region.. Sweden

Age.. Nas

ABV.. 46.1%

Casks..  Ex-Bourbon smoky recipe. 200 L
• Smoky Fresh Oloroso. 30 L
• Smoke and extra smoke, American oak & ex-bourbon. 30 L
• Smoke tail, ex-bourbon. 100 L
• Oloroso new and first fill. 128 L 
• American Oak pre-stored elegant recipe. 128 L
• Swedish oak cask saturated with Cloudberry wine. 100 L
• Ex-Bourbon elegant recipe 200L

Imagination is key here, allow yourself to just imagine.

Notes.. Imagine if you can walking through the forest on a damp Autumn morning, the leaves turning to amber, gold and the many other magical colours that adorn the tips of each and every branch whilst still holding the morning dew, the fallen leaves pushed into the mud below your feet and the rotting twigs, branches resting on the damp grass.

A soft breeze gently brushes past your skin and your face, then as you take a deep breath inhaling as much of that fresh air as your lungs will allow you sense these soft aromas along with the gentle smoke from a log fire somewhere in the distance. The smoke carries the remanences of the burning oak and mosses that have have been gathered from the very floor you now stand upon as well as being infused with the aromas of the woodland as it picks up the scents from fading hedgerows and the last of the berries before they hit the floor. The meadows offer it a more delicate side as it meandered through the tall uncut grasses and ferns in order to pick up those floral notes that just sit on the edges.

Then as the droplets from the leaves fall onto your face and pass over the corners of your lips that are slightly parted you taste the very same, the essence of your imagination has delivered..

This is Stjarnrok ..

Thoughts.. This is a whisky that if you close your eyes tight and just allow it to take you on a journey it will. It isn’t the powerful beast of an Islay nor should it be… It is far more subtle than that, it is a Swedish whisky that carries its own identity and whispers its own story to you if you allow it.


With thanks to Mackmyra for the official sample.


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