Cotswolds Bourbon Cask

There is a special feeling when you receive something that is produced within the country you live especially when that country is not so well known for the product. Its even better when that product is something you have a real passion for..

The English whisky scene is gathering pace and one of the distilleries leading the way is the Cotswolds Distillery located, wait for it, yep, in the Cotswolds.. Founded back in 2014 this distillery is a relatively young one but then all of the English distilleries are in comparison.

Having tried only a couple of the releases so far it is exciting to try a fully bourbon matured whisky from them. This not only gives us a better insight into the distillery profile but also allows us to try something that shows us how the whisky is maturing within the less dominant casks.

The distillery itself uses only locally sourced barley and is rather proud of this fact, the question is does this effect the taste of the whisky? Well the real answer is we will never know but for me, it does not really make a difference but it is their selling point and that’s fine.

What is clear though is the distillery has found its niche, it already has a loyal following who readily shout about how good the whisky is and are happy to argue this fact with anyone who wants to go down that route.

Our Bourbon Cask expression begins with our new make spirit which is already incredibly smooth, rich and fruity thanks to the pair of yeasts we use, the long 90-hour fermentation and the tight heart cut on the spirit still. We dilute it to 63.5% ABV before filling premium American oak ex-Bourbon casks from Kentucky for full term maturation, allowing the key maturation processes of flavour extraction, oxidation and evaporation to work their magic on our already smooth spirit. These barrels haven’t been steamed, so they come to us still moist, their staves soaked with wonderful Bourbon whisky.

Bottled non-chill filtered with only minimal proofing down for maximum flavour, without added colouring.

Malt: 100% locally grown, traditionally floor malted barley from the Cotswolds.

Yeast: Two complementary varieties – Anchor and Fermentis – to ensure good yields and excellent fruity flavours.

Water: Village water supply – filtered, softened and demineralised before use.

Wood: Premium first-fill ex-Bourbon casks from Kentucky, made from America

Distillery.. Cotswolds

Region.. UK

Age.. Nas

Abv.. 59.1%

Casks.. First fill Bourbon

Nose.. Freshly peeled apples sitting on a table awaiting their turn in the stewing pan, poached pear and vanilla cheesecake placed next to a cooling cup of black coffee. A hint of almonds along with peanut brittle and coconut.

Palate.. There is a nice hit of cinnamon and ginger to begin with then those stewed apples and pears come through, add a little pineapple, in fact make that upside down pineapple cake / pudding. The sweetness comes from vanilla, caramel and a gentle fudge note that mingles in the background with a little hint of honey.

Finish.. Gentle spices

Thoughts.. This hit the spot today.. The nose is very inviting and just draws you in with a very fruit forward aroma, then the palate delivers exactly what you hoped it would. There is no burn from the high alcohol content, in-fact i had to double check id read it right as it drinks far easier than it should ( a compliment in-case you wondered )

With a RRP of £65 this little beauty should fly out, its everything that is needed to help promote just how good English whisky is and will be for a very long time..

With thanks to MPR and the Cotswolds distillery for this official sample.

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